Interlude Gold Style Lineage 2 Server x45 with C4 Gameplay based on the Original Legendary Server
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 Proud to announce the existence of our project

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PostSubject: Proud to announce the existence of our project   Fri Jun 03, 2016 1:40 pm

When the ORIGINAL Legendary server, l2gold.cc was closed, many of the gold-lovers were disappointed. The l2gold.cc copies, that have opened since then, were big failures and they never achieved to give the l2gold fans the gameplay experience that the original have gave to them.

Among those players frustrated, we were we. A group of players who have played for many years in the original gold, had worshiped the gameplay and had made a significant career.

We played all the l2gold copies that have appeared so far. None of them has shocked us and we have not managed to make us say, "This seems to be like gold.cc".

So we decided to work a project, which will provide first of all to us, and then to all the romantics-nostalgics of the legendary server, the game experience we had when it was open. In this project, we are working on for a year. We have done countless tests and we can say that this time we have finished at a point of 70%.

Therefore we take the liberty to announce the existence of our project, which we named l2gold.es and the Grand Opening of our server, which by now, is estimated approximately at the 1st of July .

If in what we wrote above , you identify yourself and if and you, like us, you are a nostalgic of l2gold.cc , you are welcome to play l2gold.es

But even if you never had the gold experience, we can ensure you, that our server is the best for a beginner to the l2 gold style.

We are waiting for you

Yours sincerely

Representing the L2gold.es staff

The Admin

= GM = Holmes
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Proud to announce the existence of our project
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